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Short stories

It’s year 2178, a town of Enniskillen is struck by a wave of murders. This little city, in what used to be Northern Ireland, for years had been heavenly peaceful. Up until now. Nobody knows why somebody is committing murders. Nobody knows the reasons behind it. Detective Paddy Macfarlen takes the challenge of solving those mysteries. He is a cop with a harsh look, and behavior of never-ending doubts.

Short Stories

My name is Paddy MacFarlen and I’m a cop from a little, cloudy town, somewhere in the Anglo-Ireland. Fermanagh rain was at the same time my curse and my salvation. Now, the Dublin Sun is my hell. Or maybe just it’s poor substitute? I got a new task from Old Chap. It’s supposed to be a quick case, nice and easy. It’s a reward for my services at catching the killer robot in Enniskillen. Is it really? As always, everything that seems easy, never really is in Anglo Ireland in the year 2179. I’m now in this godforsaken place and I’m trying to find the one, who murdered a girl in Black Rock. It’s so full of dirt, modifications and sick connections. I’m not sure I’ll be able to find anything. I’m not sure I have enough strength to. But I do know one thing; I will fight and search, because it’s worth it. Both for the case, and for my wife. That’s my fate. To catch those, who hurt others, and to love those, who deserve it. The rest is the silence.

My books

Simple Stories


Far, far away in North Ireland there are small animals, who live in peace and harmony. Seagull Claire, duck Fidelma, wise owl Ruth and a newcomer from a distant land called Coco. They have all they need to live happily in this small town of Enniskillen. Suddenly, as the sun rises to welcome another beautiful and sunny day, duck Fidelma runs quickly towards her best friend Claire.

  • Next Children's book
    Next Children's book
    Release Date: September 2018
  • In progress Heavy Wind Book 3
    In progress Heavy Wind Book 3
    Release Date: November 2018
  • Heavy Rain Book 1
    Heavy Rain Book 1
    Release Date: In a Amazon bookstore
  • Heavy Sun Book 2
    Heavy Sun Book 2
    Release Date: In a Amazon bookstore
  • The Enniskillen Adventure
    The Enniskillen Adventure
    Release Date: In a Amazon bookstore

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