Heavy Rain Book 1

This heavy rain is at the same time their salvation and their biggest curse. My name is Paddy MacFarlen and I’m a cop in a little town, somewhere in the Anglo-Ireland. You don’t know me, because you don’t yet exist when I’m writing this. For the past few years I’ve been taking care of criminal cases, which, for many of you, are not even worth paying attention to. Until now. The year 2178 in Enniskillen was supposed to be just another year, which me and my wife were supposed to live and exist through among the surrounding filth. Yet, this time was different. Somethig unexpected happened, which changed everything. It disturbed our peace. Glenda also changed. Everything suddenly began to accelerate. I don’t know how this is going to end, but I know one thing. I’m here for you to see a fraction of my life. Maybe we’ll meet one day in hyperspace. And then, I shall tell you more.

It’s year 2178, a town of Enniskillen is struck by a wave of murders. This little city, in what used to be Northern Ireland, for years had been heavenly peaceful. Up until now.


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