Heavy Sun Book 2

Can heavy Sun kill? You already got to know me from my short story ‘Heavy Rain’. I’m still alive and well. Many may want me gone, but I will not give them the satisfaction. I will live on. Because I have some to live for.

The world is not what it used to be. Nowadays, nobody remembers it’s old ways. Nobody cares, and those, who want to research the history, are only few. The priority is the present. What’s here and now counts. One of those researchers is detective Paddy MacFarlen. A cop, who became a better man when he discovered his new love for his wife, now has to face another task. One year after solving the mysterious murders in his hometown Enniskillen, he is being sent to Dublin on a mission to cleanse the world of filth. It’s supposed to be a reward for my service in year 2178. The town he found himself in has nothing to give except for the burning sun and all sorts of modifications. Will a man, who continuously has to fight himself and the surrounding world, be able to overcome the adversities and find the uncovered truths? Will he find this devious killer? Will he discover more puzzle pieces of his inner self? As always in the detective’s life, there is no one, simple answer.


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